Saatchi Breaks Cinema Ad for London Sex Shop

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Coco de Mer: There's one inside everyone.
Saatchi & Saatchi/London was the center of attention in Cannes this year, and not just because the shop earned Agency of the Year honors with work for clients ranging from vacation resort Club 18-30 to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Rather, it was the content of the work for the former -- which won the Press Grand Prix and a Film Gold Lion -- that set the chattering classes chattering. The winning print ads, at first glance, appear to show scenes of twentysomethings at play. Closer inspection, however, reveals an orgy of sexual activity.

Less commented upon was Saatchi's campaign for Coco de Mer, the upscale sex boutique co-founded by Sam Roddick, daughter of Body Shop founder Anita Roddick. Likewise a Gold-winner, the print effort featured portraits, shot by director Frank Budgen, of regular people in the grip of orgasm. Now, a cinema spot breaking in London theaters brings that idea to the big screen. "If you're going to be in that category, you might as well be faithful to the category," says executive creative director David Droga. The 90-second clip, shot by Hungry Man's Scott Vincent, shows a stuffy board meeting that slowly erupts into cries of passion, one person at a time. "It takes the glamour out of sex," Droga says of the agency's work for Coco de Mer, an account he describes as a "sanity outlet" for the shop's creative department rather than a moneymaker. "Pornography puts the glamour in. We're trying to be very everyday and matter of fact about sex, which is the way it really is."

After the strong reactions to Saatchi's Club 18-30 work, however, Droga knows better than to think everyone will see it that way. "Even I'm bored with sex at this point," he laughs.

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