Scion Squares Up a Four-Cornered World

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Scion "Want 2 B Square"
Rather than resort to outside-the-box thinking, creative agency Attik decided to embrace all things four-cornered in developing the multi-platform pre-launch campaign for Toyota's new 2008 Scion xB. In fact, the vehicle's distinctive boxiness inspired the agency to create an entire square-shaped universe at, with each of the six flat surfaces of the virtual planet teeming with bizarre characters, strange landscapes and quirky content to explore. "Designing the universe around squares was a necessity, as the heart of this campaign is a celebration of the xB's boxy shape," says group creative director Simon Needham. "The worlds emerged as a reflection of the different aspects of the Scion brand, involving customization, culture and entertainment. As the designs and major concepts behind each of the worlds took shape, we were able to flesh out the creative to play up each one's most engaging and sexiest attributes."

Besides the random little interactive elements scattered throughout immersive environments like "The Square," "Wasteland" and "Urban Zoo," most the site's main content falls into two categories: a series of 17 box-themed viral films (resulting from an open-ended creative brief Attik sent to select filmmakers, animators and production companies), and a slew of social mini-games that visitors can play (either by themselves or against other visitors) to earn points that can be redeemed at an in-world marketplace for real world prizes, from Scion keychains to a plasma TV. "We wanted to create the most engaging, entertaining and brand-appropriate experiences possible to capture the time and attention of the online community," says VP-interactive media Justin Smith. "The point system gives visitors an explicit reward for time spent on the site, which gives them more motivation to spend more time. We've already found that users are spending 20+ hours on the site collecting points."
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