Sex and Work on MadAve in the 'Mad Men' Era

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Jane Maas was a creative director at Oglivy & Mather during the "Mad Men" era, working on accounts such as General Foods and SC Johnson while navigating an overwhelmingly male workplace. "Women at that point weren't allowed to work on automobiles," she told Ad Age Agency Editor Rupal Parekh in this video, produced in collaboration with Newsweek and The Daily Beast for Newsweek's retro "Mad Men" issue.

"We weren't allowed to work on banks because men figured we didn't know how to balance our checkbooks," Ms. Maas said. "How could we possibly work on a financial account?"

Hear more from Ms. Maas on the real "Mad Men" days, including about "hotbed of sex" Young & Rubicam and the Y&R staffer who lost her virginity to the account executive on Lime Jell-O.

Ms. Maas is the author of "Mad Women," a new book on Madison Avenue in the 1960s from a woman's perspective.

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