Slo Graffiti Chief Leaves Palomar

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Laura Howard, executive producer/creative director at Slo Graffiti, a division of Palomar Pictures, left Palomar last week after opting not to renew her contract with the production company. "I decided not to renew my contract in order to pursue the business plan I started with Slo Graffiti, which was never meant to be a traditional production company," Howard says. The division was conceived two years ago as a means for directors and other artists to work on non-traditional advertising projects ranging from viral campaigns to alternative media, such as subway tunnel advertising. Under Howard, Slo Graffiti worked on projects for clients such as Ecko, the Pew Charitable Trusts and Earthlink.

Palomar head Joni Sighvatsson says he's still committed to the division, which will continue under the direction of Matt Marquis, although he says the current economic climate demands that it become leaner. "We're going to downsize it a little bit, because the industry is in a downsizing mode," he says. "It will be a little bit smaller, but it will focus on alternative talent, on developing new talent and on alternative advertising." Howard, meanwhile, is pursuing freelance consulting on the kinds of projects that Slo Graffiti was designed to handle. "Basically, I'm in the business of being an idea broker; taking ideas from artists and working with clients to find a match, not sifting through storyboards and bidding jobs," she says.

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