Smirnoff's Pure Interactive Play

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Smirnoff "Love"
Smirnoff and JWT/London have created a uniquely interactive way to convey the vodka's brand attributes by allowing U.K. TV audiences to distill a new ad down to its essence with the touch of a button. The new spot "Love," directed by MJZ's Fredrik Bond, appeared on Britain's Sky Digital service earlier this month. It depicts a craggy man and his significantly more attractive female partner engaging in a melancholy exchange after pulling over to the side of a road overlooking the lights of L.A. The initial, longest version of the scene has the man revealing his knowledge of the woman's infidelity, ending with a rebuke. Using Sky Digital's "red button," audiences can view two alternate versions of the ad, the last of which offers the simplest, and happiest, conclusion. Smirnoff branding appears only on the final, distilled ad. "Ultimately the technology available to us on interactive TV seemed a perfect way of allowing people to understand the idea of triple distillation better, as they themselves would have the chance to distill the ad," says JWT writer Richard Baynham.

The ad is accessible through Sky's A-Z listings, meaning that viewers can watch the ad without watching any other programming. A 90-second version of the ad will appear in theaters in November and all three versions of the spot will air on terrestrial channels this month. (TI)

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