Sony PlayStation Launches Multi-Pronged Assault

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Sony PlayStation
Sony PlayStation "SOCOM Crosstalk"
Taking down terrorists isn't the only endeavor that requires teamwork. Case in point? Zugara's online campaign for Sony PlayStation's new pair of SOCOM titles. To emphasize the interconnected gameplay that carries over from SOCOM: Combined Assault (for the PS2) to SOCOM: FireTeam Bravo 2 (for the PSP), the interactive agency created a simulated SOCOM mission that spans the websites for both games. "We developed two unique creative concepts that dynamically shared data," says Zugara lead designer Hans Forsman. "Keeping authenticity in mind, each site is differentiated through the tactical dress of the host (former Navy SEAL Rob Roy) as well as the sites' design, color schemes and sounds, while making a connection between the two through navigation principles and the Crosstalk feature."

Clicking on the Crosstalk sections on either site introduces players to the online game, including a list of mission objectives for that half of the combined experience. Starting on the Fire Team Bravo 2 site, players must lead a two-man reconnaissance team to map out a series of targets—once that mission is accomplished, the player is linked directly to the Crosstalk area of the Combined Assault site, where they take command of a four-man squad to knock out the targets. First-person shooter sequences, interactive puzzles, live-action cut scenes and briefings from Rob Roy himself were all used to bring the missions to life—and for Zugara, weaving all of these elements into the gameplay was a mission in itself. "Integrating Rob into both sites along with the gameplay and live action footage was our biggest challenge," says Forsman. "We had to dynamically keep track of Rob's video, the Crosstalk video and gameplay video, which allowed us to transition Rob out to his 'breathing state' and eliminate hiccups in the user's experience while serving up the appropriate response to a given user interaction."
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