SPCA: Banned in Canada?

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You wouldn't treat kids this way.
Well, not exactly banned, but the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has balked at airing a PSA for the Nova Scotia SPCA that compares pets to children. The commercial -- from Halifax agency Porkpie Hat -- features sullen moppets giving voice to the inner lives of despondent pets with lines like "Please don't make me sleep outside" and "If I wet my bed, will you rub my nose in it?" The spot ends with the line, "If this is so wrong, what makes it okay when it's a pet?"

According to the CBC, in an email sent to the agency, "In equating pets with children, the message expresses a point of view that some people would find very disturbing. All messages accepted for broadcast on CBC services, (and most specifically advocacy messages,) must conform to CBC policy on Standards of Taste. Such messages must be suitable for introduction into the intimacy of the home and must not demand audience attention through use of shock value. The SPCA advertisement titled 'Kids' does not conform to this policy."

"It's actually caused quite a stir," says Porkpie Hat creative director Michael Scher, of the CBC's decision. "I think it's caused a stir because the CBC is kind of our version of NPR, and people expect it to be more a little liberal." Canada's two other major broadcast networks have accepted the PSA.

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