See the Spot: Kevin Spacey Is E-Trade's Talent Scout

Actor Sets Out to Recruit Type E Personalities

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A little over a week after breaking its Type E campaign, meant to replace the long-running talking baby, E-Trade is unveiling new TV work. As noted in earlier coverage, E-Trade's Type E campaign, from Ogilvy & Mather, would include spots featuring actor Kevin Spacey. The first of those is now in rotation.

The previous spot, "Epic Musical," featured professionals from a number of industries dancing and singing that they "know a thing about an IRA," and declaring that they're Type E. The Kevin Spacey ads will feature the actor as a "Talent Scout," tapping the shoulders of Type E customers, letting them know that they are, in fact, Type E, and they should work with E-Trade. In the ad above, Mr. Spacey approaches a gentlemen at a buffet table and compliments him on his unusual -- but successful -- mixing of food items and hands him a car before disappearing.

The ad will run in prime-time and late-night programs tonight including "Fargo" on FX and "Nightline" on ABC.

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