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Southwark 'Gun Crime'
Southwark 'Gun Crime'
A family sits down for breakfast before a busy day, discussing the events of the prior evening. Slowly and deliberately, the mother reaches up on a shelf and gets a gun, pointing it toward the table. The graphic nature of the pro-bono cinema spot, from eight-months-old London agency Lunar, earned it a rating of 18 (the approximate British equivalent of NC-17) and due attention to gun control issues. "The people we are aiming this spot at are disaffected teenagers who will have become jaded by the gratuitous violence that is found in so many of today's movies and video games," says creative director Ben Kay. "A happy scene of everyday interaction followed by a moment of completely realistic violence seemed to be a good way of getting them to reappraise violence as something that is shocking and disturbing rather than cartoonish and commonplace." Directed by Steve Reeves, the scene's additional disturbing content lies in the reactions of those in the room.

As for the heavily accented dialogue and slang, Kay translates: "The teenagers come in and say hi to the mum and kids, before offering to pick them up from school the next day. They then start to talk about some trouble that happened recently and mention how one their friends never turns up to anything ('Anton flops the show' means 'Anton never turns up'), to which one of the others replies that it's good that he didn't show up last night because there was a big incident. Another says that it's good to have kids because if you have to stay indoors and look after them then you don't have to get involved with the trouble outside. Then mum shoots the kid."
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