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Sprite "subLYMONal.com"
Brainwashing and mental manipulation never tasted so sweet—but it helps when that taste is flavored with lymon. As the online extension of Crispin Porter + Bogusky's surrealistic new campaign for Sprite, the AKQA-created subLYMONal.com takes the notion of subliminal messaging to deeper, more subversive levels than the TV spots, in the multi-layered effort to ensnare the minds of the young and the hip.

After greeting visitors with a soothing voice and a message that your mind is being refreshed, the website proceeds to assault your senses with a ring of rapidly changing television screens, a cacophony of words and sounds, and random code words flashed periodically across your computer screen. Each code word, when typed into the text field, unlocks various pieces of hidden content, ranging from streaming hip hop audio to a quirky text-to-speech feature manned by a leotard-clad dude with a lemon head. But the experience isn't limited to just the code words—users can create a personalized subLYMONal experience by typing in their favorite random words, which will then yield new images (courtesy of Wikipedia and Getty Images) that will be mixed in with the existing lymon imagery.

But what does this all have to do with ABC's smash-hit drama Lost? Perhaps befitting the clandestine nature of the campaign itself, neither AKQA nor Sprite would comment on the widely discussed connection between subLYMONal.com and the interactive Lost Experience. Silence aside, the ties are easy for any Lost fan to spot. Besides the initial disclaimer on one of the Hanso Foundation TV spots which indicated it was sponsored by Sprite, and the periodic flashing of the letters "OB:EY" on the Hanso site's digital clock, visitors to subLYMONal.com prior to last week's launch of the TV campaign were able to use the infamous 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 number sequence to access the site, and at least two codes have been found to unlock Lost-related content at the current subLYMONal.com.
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