Stacy Wall and Doug Halbert give birth to Imperial Woodpecker

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Stacy Wall
Stacy Wall
Director Stacy Wall and producer Doug Halbert have launched their own production company, Imperial Woodpecker, after working together out of Epoch Films since 2001. "The Imperial Woodpecker was once the largest woodpecker in the world but is now, sadly, extinct," Wall explains about the company name. "This regal bird lived in the high pines of the Sierra Madres, subsisting on the insects it would find between the bark and wood of dead trees. There is a certain mystery to the name, a certain sense of humor and honor. The name sounds both regal and self-deprecating, it's got a hard 'K' sound in it, which is always a good thing, and our first choice of a name was killed by a team of lawyers."

While the real Imperial Woodpecker is now out of commission, Wall and Halbert's careers are far from it. Wall has been directing for nearly a decade, after a celebrated run as an agency creative—while at Wieden Kennedy, he was creative director on ESPN's SportsCenter, as well as the famous Nike "Lil Penny" campaign. Behind the camera, he's carved out an equally storied career, directing for Nike, Pot Noodle, Orange, T Mobile, Geico and more.

Imperial is headquartered in New York with offices in Los Angeles and Chapel Hill (Wall's hometown). The company will be repped by Tara Averill in New York, Marguerite Juliusson in Chicago and Mal Ward in L.A. Imperial Woodpecker is currently bidding on several projects but has yet to book its first job, which Wall says "is guaranteed to have a regal oil painting of the creative team and their producer in fancy dress, hanging in our lobby, in perpetuity. A small brass plaque on the gilded frame will read 'Our Benefactors.'"
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