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Think you have what it takes to land on be Creativity's Production Company of the Year or land on the 2011 Production Company A-List? Show us your best work, and tell us about your most exciting accomplishments of 2011. Check out the requirements below and follow them to a T, as any omissions may delay our evaluation of your work. Deadline for submissions is Monday, November 14, 2011. Submissions should be sent to [email protected]. There are no fees for entry.

NOTE: Many of you have requested extensions. At this time, no extensions are allowed. Submit the main body of your entry by deadline of Monday, November 14. You will be able to update your reel link with any supplementary work by Monday, November 21. We should be informed of any updates by email to [email protected] If you do not send in your main submission by November 14, it may affect your chances of inclusion on the A-List.

Who should apply?
Production companies of all flavors--whether you're traditional, digital, integrated---somewhere in between or all over. If you believe you've been involved in helping to execute some of the year's best advertising/marketing ideas, go for it!

What should you submit?
Please include a link where we can view all of the information/materials below. The info and reel must be viewable through the link or site. We should not have to download anything in order to view it.

1) Name of company and year founded

2) Your People: Please list all of the directors on your current roster (if applicable), including any specific divisions of the company under which they work. Please note any new director additions and departures since January 2011, along w/their biographical info. Also, list your Company Principals/Other Major Executives, as major departures/additions in the last year, along with biographical info on newcomers.

3) Year's Highlights (Since January 2011)
Please note the following:
1. Major campaigns/spots
2. Major projects outside of traditional advertising (films, branded content, work for online/the web, high profile music videos, etc.)
3. Awards won (Ad shows, Emmys, Oscars, Filmfests, etc.)
4. Notable leaps made by any of your directors/creative staff (big campaigns, career breakthroughs, other film-related projects)

4) The Reel
Along with the above, include a reel of your best work since January 2011.

The reel should be viewable at the same link as the info above and should include your best campaigns/spots/websites or demo videos. The work should be divided up by director, if applicable.

Very important: Each piece of work should also show name of director (if applicable); client/campaign/agency name; first air date/launch date of work.

Note: You are free to include on your reel any work that has not yet broken but will break by December 15, 2011. Be sure to note which spots have not yet launched, and when they are scheduled to first air. If you can not provide all the work by submission time, just include what you have by deadline. Your main submission must be sent in by November 14, but you can update your reel link through Monday, November 21st.

Be judicial about your submissions. You can send as much work as you like, but a shorter reel with a high density of excellent work can be more compelling than a longer one full of "meh" ideas.

8) Your contact info (email/phone) in case we have any questions

Where and when will the Production Company of the Year and A-List be announced?
The winners will be announced in January in an issue of Advertising Age, on and on

What was the deadline again?
Monday, November 14, 2011

Can I have an extension?
Submit the main portion (write-up/reel) by the deadline. If you have any additional material you'd like to add, you will be allowed to update your reel link until Monday, November 21. If you do not submit by Monday, it will affect your chances of being included on the A-List.

Where do I submit?
Email your submission links to [email protected]. Subject should read "Production Company A-List"

Contact Ann-Christine Diaz
Editor, Creativity
Phone: (212) 210-0403
Email: [email protected] with subject Production Company A-List

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