The Subservient Chicken Turns Five

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It's been half a decade since a guy dressed like a giant chicken appeared online, ready to do the public's bidding. Today, Barbarian co-founder Rick Webb reminisces on the Barbarian Blog about how Burger King's Subservient Chicken was born.

"Five years ago today, a bunch of youngsters at two companies called The Barbarian Group and Crispin, Porter + Bogusky launched a small minisite three days in advance of the late night running of some broadcast spots. They wanted to iron out any last minute wrinkles in the site by emailing it around to a few more friends, and get a little early buzz before the spots ran.
In the next 48 hours, before the spots even had a chance to air, the little viral site that could had already bombarded the poor XServe in Crispin's internal data center with 25 million hits. Within days, a cultural phenomenon was spawned.
All for a creepy dude in a chicken suit with garters, who looked like he was running some sort of shady web cam operation."

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