Super Bowl XL: The AdCritic Top and Bottom

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The Seahawks were robbed. Super Bowl viewers fared somewhat better. The overall spot quality level was somewhat unspectacular, but there were enough notable moments on both ends of the merit scale to make things interesting. Here, AdCritic's picks for the most valuable (and least valuable) ad players. Subscribers can see the full reviews here.

Top Three
FedEx 'Stick'
FedEx 'Stick'
FedEx "Stick" Simply, the ideal Super Bowl ad. Great execution.
Sprint "Locker Room" Listing product attributes made jarringly, memorably funny.
CareerBuilder "Celebration" The spot is excellent; the Monk-e-mail online component is a thing of beauty.

Other Highlights
Burger King "America's Favorite" Visually compelling and cheeky as hell. It's probably better that Betty Friedan never got a chance to see this one.
Budweiser "American Dream" Yeah, yeah, the soulless AdCritic keepers usually hate this stuff. But we don't buy the American dream and we don't drink beer. Others do. The spot was done well.
Cadillac "Chrome Couture" An idea that could have gone very wrong looks and feels right. Director Plansker does right by the idea, the wheels and the audience.

Bottom Three "The Strap" Last year it was a cute rebuttal to the decency squad. This year it's head-scratchingly confusing and skanky. Not even the meatheads can like this one, surely.
Diet Pepsi "Stunt Can" Labored, unfunny.
Michelob Ultra "Touch Football" There are many scenarios (even many football themed scenarios) that could illustrate the concept of "darker." Why on earth was this one chosen for the big game?

Other offenders:
Pizza Hut "Dream Delivery." Whatever.
Toyota "Hybrid" If it weren't for my thick skull, my eyes would have rolled right out of my head.
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