Tampax Feels the Flow

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Tampax 'Dance'
Tampax 'Dance'
Finally, someone celebrates the miracle of menses with the fanfare that it deserves. In a new campaign for Tampax, out of Leo Burnett/Chicago and directed by Happy, no little red dot euphemisms are necessary, as the young star of one spot gets up on her school cafeteria table, points to her privates and exclaims, "I'm menstruating!" before launching into an unabashedly crotch-centric dance sequence. Actually, the point is that unlike the spots, Tampax keeps everything discreet, but imagining the "what if" scenario makes for a fresh change of pace in the typically yawn-inducing feminine products category. "There's an irreverence that teenage girls have about everything—why can't they have it about their periods?" notes CD Jennifer Faust. "Obviously, it's about treating this taboo subject with a matter-of-factness that's liberating," adds CD Reed Collins. The pair, not surprisingly, spent two years getting the presumably hard-sell campaign off the ground. Accompanying executions announce the monthly visitor with equal verve, with a mariachi band crooning "She's on her period," and a girl with a mean tattoo that reads, "My period is heavy."
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