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  • Getting into a graphic designer's headspace can be a daunting task, but the folks at Colle+McVoy are opening this mental window and "uncovering the dark side of design" with an animated effort that gives the average citizen a quick lesson in design-speak. A grimy street scene looking like something out a James Cagney movie fades into view, and we the viewer are asked to rollover 25 different items that give designer slang and definition. Of course, there's a clock ticking and if you happen to discover all of them in the allotted time, you win a limited-edition poster of the scene itself. In other words, it's a bloody good way to kill a few minutes.
  • With the Al Gore-endorsed, globally-spanning Live Earth concert coming up on 7/7/07, an interesting grassroots initiative dubbed "startdrawing for Live Earth" is coinciding with the event. The environmentally-conscious effort seeks to unite artists worldwide by urging them to draw anything green and submit, keeping in theme with the motives behind Live Earth itself. So far, submissions from Hong Kong to Italy have sprouted up on the site, where from the looks of it, a little Photoshop savvy goes a long way.
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