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  • With the hangover faded and July 4th once again a memory, the folks at Brokaw have thankfully sent some viral uplift/distraction to those of us who had to hike back to the office and finish the week off. With this Atari-styled chopper game, the goal is to simply veer your airborne vehicle through a series of Tetris-shaped blocks via mouse click and release. More challenging than you think, the game offers a small respite from our post-4th doldrums, and makes us remember that we're mere hours away from our weekend. TGIF, indeed.
  • Following its Valentine's Day flight delay fiasco, JetBlue has been on image cleanup duty, and in doing so, the beleaguered airline has found an unlikely spark in a certain Montgomery Burns. The tyrannical nuclear power plant boss from The Simpsons has "hacked" into JetBlue founder David Neeleman's blog and proclaimed this to be his "newest attempt at robbing a man of his livelihood," adding that he has "more efficient ways to run this airline" and that he "could crush [Neeleman] like an ant." It seems like a cross-promotional effort for The Simpsons Movie, but whatever the case, we'd rather ol' Monty whip an airline into shape than try to block out the sun and control the town's power again.
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