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  • ARG-heads who emptied their mini fridges of energy drink during the Year Zero odyssey for Nine Inch Nails are stocking up again after a mysterious trailer running prior to the Transformers movie showed little but a party that descends into chaos as New York is attacked followed by a URL based on the release date, 1/18/08, of a film codenamed Cloverfield.
    As if JJ Abrams wasn't enough of a sci-fi heartthrob already, having masterminded Lost, he's moving towards the geek Tiger Beat crown at the helm of this one. Speculation about the film is at the brushfire level as folks scramble to make sense of mysterious character Ethan Haas (was he right or wrong?) and decode puzzles related to some ancient mysticism flim-flam. The reality we'd like to believe at this point is the film will star none other than noble Lovecraftian destroyers the Cthulhu, wrecking havoc on mankind, but until we hear anything official we're jotting down clues in a special notebook.

  • Britishers who get hungry chasing the Cloverfield Cthulhu can call on AKQA/London to feed them the ultimate Internet dinner. The Pot Noodle Network promises a case of Pot Noodle for anyone who films themselves eating the microwaveable pasta and submits the video to the group. Keith Harding, the suitably amped-up PNN presenter, also claims each month's most-watched video will receive a PlayStation3. You can film yourself eating the snack anywhere you like, but we'd guess it'd have to be something near the zeitgeist to go for the PS3—so maybe during the Tour de France at a neu-rave fashion show or whilst bagging?
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