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  • Art and commerce collide with a new Flash-driven, motion-activated wall mural that combined the efforts of Brand New School, Adobe and Goodby. The interactive wall went live auspiciously on Friday the 13th at the Union Square, NYC Virgin Megastore location and will be unveiled in London's Piccadilly Circus next month. The mural, which utilizes a horde of Adobe tools including Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop and After Effects, is a 25'x10' projection which spouts layers of animation based on a bystander's movements. When a person walks from left to right, the wall triggers more animations and the density of the imagery increases, evoking what the PR flack dubs an "evolution from simplicity to complexity." Nevertheless, it's eye candy that'll kill some time during these hot summer New York days.
  • All the nights spent at Gutter Bar must've finally gotten to some Cannes attendees as this video from She Says shows. Digital agency blokes including Glue London CD Seb Royce and Cyber Lion judge Lars Cortsen took to stilettos and drag to turn their festivities from fruitless to fun-filled. It's all part of She Says' initiative to show how "things are changing," which in this case might mean that To Wong Foo mania is back with a vengeance.
  • It doesn't have the budget, panache and splatter of a good ol' zombie romp, but this less-than-8-bit, Pac-Man-styled game gives a Java-coated view of sheer zombie infestation. By using 'space,' 'z' and 'p' keys, you can watch the action unfold and a scoreboard at the bottom tallies the zombie/human ratio and amount of kills. Though the site is ambiguous, the graphics are low-grade and the Java bugs are lurking about, the threat of this simulation is far less severe than a real onslaught of the undead.
  • While we're on the horror tip, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the "Trailers from Hell" effort from directors John (American Werewolf in London) Landis and Joe (Gremlins) Dante. The veteran filmmakers have teamed up to present this series of fast-paced 2-to-4 minute theatrical promos filled with screaming hyperbole of THRILLS! ACTION! MYSTERY! ROMANCE! The focus, according to the release, is to showcase "classic-era movie Previews of Coming Attractions with particular emphasis on the lurid, the extreme and the outrageous." The shorts are updated consistently on the site, which also features commentary from "Grindhouse Gurus" including not only Landis and Dante, but Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright and Masters of Horror mastermind Mick Garris. Offering all the old-school, quick-fire chills, thrills and chuckles, the hellish trailers have all the fervor of a midnight drive-in movie, minus the fogged-up cars and ticket fare of course.
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