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  • 'Hey,' you say, 'Tangled Web is a feature of the Interactive newsletter, what's it doing here on Friday?' Right you are. But this week we had so much fun and exciting Internet stuff to pass along we just had to work out some newsletter Manifest Destiny.
  • Sure YouTube is a good way to kill an hour or two. But lots of that time is spent tooling around lists of search results, deciding what you want to watch, waiting for it to load—not quite the video bliss you want. That's why we're pretty riled up about Yuscano. It's like freebasing internet video. You can get burned bad, but it's a hell of a ride. Founders from Hashbrown and Analogue say it's like channel surfing on your computer. Here's how it works—you select the parameters you want your feed to take, selecting from the most popular, featured or videos from a specific user. Or, as we found ourselves doing, you can select a bunch of videos with the same tag and set the duration and number of clips to cycle. Try "kittens," set the duration to :30 and the number of clips to 20 and you're off.
  • The blue whale, the planet's largest creature, is brought down to size by this site from Hamburg's Jung Von Matt for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. The site follows the agency's outdoor work for NOAH, playing with boundaries and animal rights as seen in the recent execution, "No Aquarium is Big Enough."
  • Designer Bruce Mau's essay "An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth" has long been the "Common Sense" of the design world—a call to action, a font of inspiration and ultimately a fantastic pick-me-up for flagging creative spirits. Now, courtesy of Mike Tucker, it's come alive in Flash.
  • Hear talks from designers and artists of all stripes courtesy of the School of Visual Arts' podcast series, with tidbits from its Design as Author graduates, guest lecturers and students. And in the Paul Rand Lecture Series, Steven Heller on the history of design.
  • Finally, would the space-time continuum be torn asunder like a cosmic tabernacle curtain if consumers did exactly what advertisers said? After seeing some of the solutions at the International Database of Corporate Commands, we think so.
  • Thanks go out to fine destinations including the Fallon Planning Blog, Random Culture, Motionographer and do.palicio.us for alerting us to these goodies.
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