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  • How does the phrase go? "I don't like the drugs, the drugs like me?"Trydrugs.net, created for the Norwegian Board of Health, lets you tangle with the big ones—well, weed, coke and heroin—and mimics the effects with slow cursors, shaky screens and other weirdness, eventually taking you to the biggest consequences of abuse—bankruptcy, isolation and death. We can't figure out where they stashed the good times, though.
  • Finally someone's figured out how to get men to sit still while beauty products are hawked on the Net. Elave claims it has "nothing to hide" due to the pure ingredients in its products, boasting its claim with an online presentation—a 60-second video shot by Prodigy's Brendan Donovan—featuring a dozen or so "employees" buck ass naked. (Oi, casual reader who just clicks everything, keep in mind "buck ass naked" means generally Not Work Safe.) Take a tour of the Elave labs here. The heating bill must be enormous.
  • If you're looking for a little privacy when you're surfing for jobs at work, Brussels agency LG&F/snow has created a camouflaged site for Senses Headhunting, with boss-proof skins you can switch to if you're looking to use its services in the office—a spa, a gardening furniture site and a Japanese restaurant.
  • Calling all hipper-than-thou kids with curiosity and video production chops—Redken and the culture vultures at Flavorpill are looking to expand their focus and find out how people are getting down in small town America. Apply at outoftown.tv to take a camera crew on the road and discover the tidal pools of culture in towns across the land.
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