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  • While some agency sites have all the aesthetic allure of a brick wall, Dutch interactive firm 10mg has virtually set the bar in flaunting its creative prowess. Though the stuffed bunny that greets you on the front page seems harmless enough, click through and you've entered a slightly twisted mini-advergame that dares you to save the little one's life before it flatlines. After reviving it with electric shocks, visitors get less than a minute to put on their surgeon's hat and fix him. Fail and he flies to heaven, or try again and send to a friend. It's surely one of the more entertaining pieces of self-promotion we've seen in a while, though the mindsets of the 10mg team are somewhat in question.
  • Having already furnished a large percentage of the abodes of today's youth, Ikea is now taking a kaleidoscopic approach with its products, urging customers to "Be Brave, Not Beige." Everything from cushions and curtains to fabrics and bedding are rendered in colorful, artistic and mostly kitschy designs. So in keeping with its hip, modern edict, the Swedish company has launched an interactive campaign site that lets users indulge their decorative whimsy and decorate a virtual apartment of their own in an array of styles. For added kicks, the apartment building on the front page features a few chuckle-worthy videos that supplants the heavy branding for some quirky characters going about their activities in their vibrant, Ikea-adorned pads. Sounds just like real-life, don't it?
  • While A&E show Criss Angel's Mindfreak is often as astonishing as it is unintentionally amusing, the metalhead magician is the focal point of a cool little viral promo created by EVB. Enter a friend's name, email and phone number at this sort-of-spooky site, then send, sit back and wait until the recipient is graced with a video of Angel utilizing a deck of cards to figure out pieces of the info you just sent. Chances are he'll always be spot on, but the main caveat is that you can only send to somebody once, then the site itself virtually freezes up. Whether it's all due to magic or some sly backend work, it's one of the few "send to a friend" spots lately that hasn't disappeared from the inbox and reappeared in the trash.
  • Swedish agency Ã…kestam Holst has crafted another great banner after its great lube job, with a virtual drum kit for something potentially telecom related called Bredbandsbolaget.
  • Have you got a net film laying around appealing to men 19-24, running under three minutes, fit for an international audience with no sex, drugs or alcohol use? Why not send it to McCann Erickson Germany and Coke Zero—they're looking to pay a couple thousand Euro and some assignments for a few good virals.
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