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  • While the 2007 D&AD Global Awards are in the history books (read about that here), we'd be remiss if we forgot to mention some of the other standout winners that span the international creative realm. Among the notables:

    • Tokyo agency qubibi (and CD/mastermind Kazumasa Teshigawara) deservedly nabbed a Yellow Pencil for "Interface and Navigation" in the "Websites" category thanks to its hallucinatory, high-art b2c "Daydream" site for Japanese hat retailer Weavetoshi.

    • In the 3D Design/Digital Installations realm, UK's United Visual Artists and onepointsix nabbed a Yellow Pencil for its work on Sony Playstation "Volume," an installation commissioned by the Victoria and Albert Museum that also merited musical composition nods for Robert Del Naja and Neil Davidge of trip-hop pioneers Massive Attack

    • Grey Argentina picked up a Pencil in the "Experiential" category thanks to its large, vibrant "Beach Mat" for Playboy...though we don't expect Wal-Mart to add it to the product line anytime soon.

    • For the "Digital Advertising Campaigns" category, AKQA saw yellow for its Yell.com promotion, and Agency Republic is in Dr Z. and Daimler-Chrysler's good graces by picking up an "Online Advertising" pencil for its expandable, user-controlled Mercedes GL banner.

  • Using cybersquatting as a clever ruse, this seemingly low-budget video (featuring a bandit dressed not unlike the Hamburglar) kickstarts what's called "The Kidnapping Campaign," which entails an organization claiming the reverse domain theft of all the major digital agencies including AKQA, Ogilvy, Wunderman and more. Watch to the end and it leads you to a site with upside-down text that explains the group's motives--in this case, it's asking for ransom in exchange for agency buzz about this project and a nomination for a Gold Lion. It's an agency pranking/soliciting its brethren in the end, and while the crime is benign, this viral's efficacy is anything but.
  • Apparently, H&M can't get Kylie Minogue out of its head. The Swedish clothing behemoth has not only designed a summer line based around the pop chanteuse, appropriately dubbed "H&M (Loves) Kylie," but it's also drafted Stockholm production outfit Foreign to develop a colorful microsite to promote every facet of it. Fans and curious visitors can view campaign images featuring the sultry Aussie posing in the bohemian-chic attire (including swimsuits, scarves, tunics and handbags), as well as get downloads, watch video and enter to win a Kylie Minogue collection pack. Somewhere, Madonna is seething.
  • While his documentary "Everest: The Other Side," which chronicles 23-year-old Ben Clark's quest to be one of the youngest to reach the mighty mountain's summit, made a splash two years ago on Dish Network pay-per-view, filmmaker Jon Miller felt there was more story to be told. Not satisfied having to carefully edit over 80 hours of footage from the 60-day exhibition, Miller recently offered viewers "The Rest of Everest," a series of video podcasts that he hopes will give a more unfiltered, in-depth view of Clark's 2003 climb—adversity, Sherpas and all. Now, everything from the initial packing to walking around Kathmandu, from setting up at base camp to even baking a cake at 17,000 feet is on display for all to see. Commentaries will also be popping up soon with some of the exhumed footage, though we can't confirm that the dialogue includes lines such as, "Eat your heart out, Sir Edmund Hillary."
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