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  • The most unsexy of smoking side-effects, other than a disease-ridden death of course, has to be the hacking, wracked coughs many longtime puffers develop. So what better way to communicate the fruitlessness of a habit then to be able to send customized coughs to your friends over the Internet? Navigate the French instructions on this Belgian site (it's pretty self-explanatory) and select your cough, adjust its duration, volume, and wetness. Once you get the lung butter to your liking, pass it along with a message about how sounding like an old man at the racetrack is no fun.
  • We're always into Brain Age-type things that can reverse the numbing effects of the modern world, so it was nice to run into Lumosity, a brain training program currently on the web in Beta (read: free). Test your Lumos IQ with a series of observation and cognition exercises, then sign up to complete a 30-part program to boost your mental skills.
  • Call us jaded, but we were hoping Women in Art was an Axe viral. Watch 500 years of portraits of females in Western art morph into one another, as accompanied by Yo-Yo Ma playing a Bach sonata. While we couldn't find a list of the works represented, make a request in the enormous comment thread the video started to have an art scholar ID your favorite.
  • Jeff Chang, author of the fantastic hip hop history Can't Stop Won't Stop interviewed Wieden Kennedy ECD John Jay on hip hop politics and racial identity in America for PBS' P.O.V.'s Borders.
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