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  • While the torture-fest that is Eli Roth's Hostel II hits theaters June 8th here in the States, the marketing heads over in Italy have created a quick and painful promo site for the film as well. What initially looks like a destination for a health & beauty spa/resort, Body's Care, with model and breezy tropical music in tow, soon morphs into a black, red and bloody homepage with the title changed to "Body Scarred," the model zombified, the text desecrated and dirge-y metal music providing the soundtrack. Images from the film are also included, but a refund from the resort is not.
  • Perhaps having grown tired of its perennial fourth-place finish in the search engine standings, Ask.com is now taking its first major step since rebranding. With Ask3D, visitors will now be able to view multimedia content like images, videos and music alongside traditional text-based results in a drop-down, three-window interface. Among the main features of the revamped search tool are page previews that denote plug-in requirements or warn for popup windows, size and download time of a results page, expandable search boxes and context-sensitive multimedia results. Sergey and Larry, please welcome Barry Diller to the race.
  • Calling it simply a challenge to himself, Sean Howard has set forth on the "300 Challenge," in which the techie will post 300 unique gameplay mechanics that "have (hopefully) never been seen in a commercial video game." Having already developed banner RPG's, grid combat games and other simulated mini-adventures, Howard is currently at #28. While our interest might start lagging by #50, it'll be nonetheless tempting to track his progress from time-to-time in trying to achieve what is perhaps an insurmountable goal.
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