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  • Step aside, Bono. You're not the only activist trying to light a fire under the G8 to invest more in Africa. UK charity Save the Children has found its own inventive, web-based way to highlight the plight in this beleaguered continent. This time, the issue is free healthcare, and the organization's direct target in this campaign is Parliament member Gordon Brown, who happens to be the Chancellor to the Treasury. Taking a user-generated approach, the colorful Wieden + Kennedy/London-created site features uploaded homemade videos pertaining to the approximately 841 Gordon Browns said to be residing in the UK. Some actually own the name, some might be relatives, and some might even have a sculpture named Gordon Brown. But as the copy on the front page implies, "if all the Gordon Browns in the UK are saying yes to free healthcare in Africa, then so should Gordon Brown MP." The people have officially spoken.
  • Check in on what families around the world eat in a week in this Time photo essay, then look to director Robert Rodriguez for his breakfast taco and puerco pebil recipes.
  • The EyeBeam OpenLab has stewarded yet another exciting project, this time another exposure on the amount of retouching fashion photography images see before they're made public. DeTouch uses a program called Processing to track pixels altered during the course of an image's life, giving you a pretty good idea of what's been messed with to achieve that perfect outcome.
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