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  • Who knew Confucius dug beer? Well, Anheuser-Busch apparently, which features the Eastern philosopher and other historical figures in the latest edition of the brand's DDB Chicago-created web digest, Here's to Beer. Entitled "Who Would You Have a Beer With," the section also features Nostradamus and Genghis Khan among other notable names regaling us with fictional tales as they sip some brew. All are actually played by one character actor (trying his damndest to be the next Rich Little), who's dressed in costumes befitting each figure and perched in front of green-screen backdrops created by Brand New School. It's a new start for Anheuser-Busch, which is trying to erase the stigma of the maligned Bud.tv. And while the stories are fictional and somewhat absurd, it delights us to enjoy a beer with someone where we don't have to do any of the talking.
  • Gothic chamber music and digital innovation aren't the most ideal of bedfellows, but the Ontario band Johnny Hollow nonetheless owns one of the most aesthetically-pleasing and involving band sites around. Click through a cool, transforming timepiece on the front page and you're lead to a tattered sitemap that serves not only as a base for band info, but is also the launching pad for a perplexing game called Scuttle Buggery. Eerie experimental music loops in the background as you're given vague, poetic clues on where to click and move your insect around and unlock songs. The game and site, created by fellow Ontarians My Pet Skeleton Productions, will continually unfold with new levels and songs in the coming days and week, though our chances of getting to level 2 anytime soon is looking dire.
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