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  • With all the Cannes hoopla sweeping the advertising world this week, bloggers are typing away at a fever pitch to give a virtual rundown of the festivities. But one such chronicle from Arnold sticks out slightly from the muck. Dubbed "Cannes't," the blog finds the Arnold team, unregistered at the event no less, on a valiant search to find substance within what it calls "sweet French party time." Those who are curious can watch, read and listen to the crew dig dirt at the seminars and dish out info on items that "won't get printed in the trade pubs, [but] the stuff that's more likely overheard at the bar aka Cannes't HQ." Those of us left behind are all eyes and ears.
  • The Chemical Brothers, the maestros of electronic big-beat music, are embracing the nocturnal life with their upcoming album, We Are the Night. But before the album drops next week, the Bros pay a promotional trip to Second Life courtesy of Illusion Factory, which is hosting the duo's video for leadoff single "Do it Again," a somewhat amusing clip that proves the Chems' energetic rhythms can appeal to the most unlikely of audiences. IF states that the video will stream through the 26th with BitGravity technology, which apparently allows for no downtime between streams.
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