TANGLED WEB: Online Horror Legions and Calculating Karma

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  • Putting a literal spin on the Goth adage that "every day is Halloween," five of the web's top horror movie sites are forming an unholy union that adds a guerrilla marketing facet to Rob Zombie's upcoming remake of slasher classic Halloween. Starting on the film's opening night of August 31st, Zombie, along with popular genre blogs including Dread Central and Bloody Disgusting, are imploring Michael Myers fans to dress up as the masked villain, head to their local theaters, and snap pics of themselves doing so. The most creative photos, which will be voted on following the September 2nd deadline, will then garner the winners select props from the film depending on which site you send to...and if nothing else, 15 minutes of fame. On a more interesting note, the creepy coalition is also urging its more die-hard readers to refrain from disrupting businesses, destroying property, trespassing, and approaching regular civilians in the Myers attire. While the legalities surrounding the marketing effort are numerous, at least this could ensure a Boston-like guerrilla fiasco will be avoided.
  • For those ever wondering how good or bad their karma is, a charitable internal effort by several Chicago businesses is providing the means for enlightenment seekers to find out without having to consult their neighborhood shaman. With the "Karma Calculator," brave users can admit to a variety of sins in various categories including "Sins in the Workplace," "Impure Thoughts" and "Relationship Indiscretions." All the while, the site gives money value to your specific transgressions via a virtual cash register, the final tally of which is a suggested amount to donate to the Helping Hand foundation, which in turn gives to the United Way. Several Windy City companies are taking part, including Leo Burnett, Starcom and GM Planworks. Also featuring humorous video that plays out select sins, the site's plenty more entertaining than a church confession. Besides, it's for a good cause that lets you rack up karma points and maybe learn something about yourself in the process.
  • Now's the time students around the world over are wrapping their last assignments and delivering the goods in hopes of graduation. The budding 'Net cowboys and cowgirls at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program are no different—here are some of their final projects.
  • After a lifetime of separation due to the ludicrous practice of cutting newborns' umbilical cords, the daft inventors at Mother/New York have found an answer. Nothing says 'I Love You' like a slimy, rubbery piece of flesh you can use to reattach yourself to your mother.
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