Taxi/N.Y. and Amp'd Say "Try Not to Die"

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Amp'd Mobile 'Senator'
Amp'd Mobile 'Senator'
In a pre-launch campaign that prepares consumers for the arrival of the new Amp'd Mobile entertainment/phone service launching on New Year's Day, Taxi/N.Y. and MJZ's Tom Kuntz offer a simple warning: "Try Not to Die." In two spots that broke over the weekend, people implore those headed toward the white light—including a senator mid-coitus and an overdosed rock star—to hang in there just so they can see what Amp'd is all about. "We didn't shy away from any subject matter," says CCO Paul Lavoie. "We're like a comic who can get up and make a comment about a senator and a hooker in a hotel room, and for us there is no boundary in the advertising because content is the brand and anything goes in web content. We're trying to blur the lines between pop culture and official advertising because it's going to be more than a device. It's going to be the voice of the generation."

And what of the controversial tag, sure to ruffle some sensitive feathers? "Most advertisers are trying to attract just about everyone, especially a mass brand," Lavoie says. "Amp'd is specifically geared at those wired to the web. And the irreverence for some may seem too far. But it's not for them."
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