TLC and The Martin Agency Live and Learn

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TLC 'Anthem'
TLC 'Anthem'
Imagine if you had a souvenir for every time you learned a lesson from doing something stupid. That's the hook in a new branding and promo campaign breaking today from The Learning Channel, The Martin Agency and Epoch director Matt Aselton called "Live and Learn." In it, moments containing life lessons are captured as precious doll-like figurines with messages like "Know When to Not Do it Yourself" and "Merlot and E-mail Don't Mix" to remind their owners not to mess up again. "We wanted to take something that was a physical embodiment of a lesson and have fun with it, be irreverent," says art director Pat Wittich. "We like the contrast because those figurines are usually about the perfect moments in life, and the moments in the campaign are about people who are slightly flawed."

Targeting a 30-something audience that may need guidance and tips when raising children or doing home repairs for the first time, the spots are for and about "grown-ups who have no excuse," says copywriter Todd Brusnighan. But while the campaign's characters have physical reminders of their experiences, the creatives said that only three physical figurines exist from the shoot-- the majority of them were created in CG by effects artists at Curious Pictures and inserted by Riot Manhattan. "The plan is to make a lot of these and hopefully sell them. Make millions," says Brusnighan. But until then, get your figurine fix here online.
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