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Tom Dunlap, director of integrated production at Deutsch, will be moving over to the other side. Come July 13, he'll be found alongside Ridley, Tony and the rest of the Scott and RSA clan as an executive producer.

At Deutsch, Dunlap most recently worked on campaigns for Sony Playstation, Dr. Pepper and Saturn. He's perhaps best known for producing the much celebrated Coca-Cola "Happiness Factory," at his previous gig as head of production at Wieden + Kennedy/Amsterdam.

At this point, Dunlap's role is not completely defined, but his duties will include addressing new business models, taking the company into a digital strategy and helping to find new production opportunities with brands—basically, helping to transition RSA more fully into the new media landscape. Given all "this new technology and the fragmented nature of media, my whole thing has always been about maintaining creativity and storytelling throughout all those mediums," Dunlap says. "We all know how to tell great brand stories through TV spots, but that's sort of been missing in all the other media fragmented areas like interactive and entertainment. That's been a push I've made at the other agencies I've been at with the integrated production teams. Now I'm excited about taking that knowledge and experience and combining it with the filmic experience of RSA. My overall goal is to become a production resource."

"We've got a really strong executive department here—with Margie Abrams, Tracie Norfleet, Philip Fox-Mills and Rhea Scott," says RSA President Jules Daly. "We need someone who complements us, and comes in and looks at us in a different way and helps us transition even moreso into whatever is next. Tom's fearless. He's done his homework and we've spoken at length about fun big things we can do and changes we can make that are positive."

As for what he leaves behind at Deutsch, "The department is in a really great place," says Dunlap. [President/CCO] Eric Hirshberg has been an excellent partner to me and gave me a lot of freedom and autonomy to mold the department into an awesome unit."

Says Hirshberg, "Tom is a great talent and a great human being. He got an opportunity on the production side that he felt he couldn't pass it up. He leaves with nothing but our support and thanks for doing a great job. He leaves behind some big shoes to fill, but we've already got some great candidates. Stay tuned."
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