Toohey's Extra Dry's bountiful web harvest

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In this week's edition of peculiar, but intriguing ad associations, Aussie agency BMF has executed and launched the web portion of its campaign for Toohey's Extra Dry beer, which continues to somehow align pompadour-wearing rockabilly types with sci-fi themes to promote the beverage. Visitors are greeted with a field of pods that are not too far removed from the movie Alien. Mouseovers then sprout up several sections to click through, including "TED TV," which streams the eerie TV commercial, a "TED of War" game which lets you attempt to wrestle a bottle of the brew away from a zombified rocker by toggling the arrow keys, and even a sketchbook that provides vivid, detailed guidelines for maintaining your harvest. By claiming that a strand of a puffed-up coif (or "quiff" Down Under) provides the nourishment for brewing TED, BMF's odd spot will likely unite both X-Files and Stray Cats fans the world over.
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