Virgin Rings in All the Holidays

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Virgin Mobile "Snowflakes"
"Everybody tiptoes around the holidays," says Fallon/N.Y. associate creative director Wayne Best, explaining the rationale behind Virgin Mobile's new holiday campaign. "And we have been for years, ever since it became incorrect to focus just on Christmas. We decided that instead of tiptoeing around it, we would -- in true Virgin fashion -- embrace all of the holidays and create one big happy holiday."

The result is Chrismahanukwanzakah, an "all-inclusive holiday" to go with Virgin Mobile's all-inclusive holiday specials. In two commercials directed by MJZ's Kuntz & Maguire, we see a full-blown Chrismahanukwanzakah pagaent, which shows people of all faiths -- including a Scientologist dressed up as a giant cellphone -- joining together to sing a pan-holiday carol composed by indie rock pranksters Ween. As Best says, "It's a holiday celebration that's gone completely wrong, yet somehow completely right." Dickens' Tiny Tim, who shows up at the end of both spots, would no doubt agree.

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