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Colleen DeCourcy
Colleen DeCourcy
Colleen DeCourcy knows a thing or two about experience. After all, her experience as chief creative officer at Organic helped bolster the already-impressive resume of one of the top minds in the interactive field, and her new role as chief experience officer at JWT puts her in charge of creating fully-integrated experiences that engage consumers on multiple levels. DeCourcy discusses the multiple meanings of the word as she embarks on her latest advertising experience.

AdCritic: What prompted your decision to leave Organic and join JWT?

Colleen DeCourcy: I naturally tend to gravitate towards the pivot point of change. In 2000, that meant leaving the broadcast/agency world and joining an interactive specialist shop like Organic. In 2006, it means moving back.

AC: Smaller digital shops have been leading the pack in the interactive realm the past few years. Do you see your move as indicative of an industry-wide shift away from that, with larger, traditional agencies starting to catch up?

CD: I think it depends on what part of interactive advertising you're talking about. There are definite categories. If we're talking ad units and site development, I still think that the smaller digital shops have the more honed expertise. When you start to consider things like viral video, word of mouth, integrated storytelling, culture jamming—I think it's na
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