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VW 'Milky Way'
VW 'Milky Way'
Ah, youth. When you could drive around with friends for hours without a worthy destination and talk about what your dream job would be when you grew up. Today's additions to the Creativity 20th Anniversary Work Gallery are there because they remind us of the simple pleasures of being young and having all the time in the world. Volkswagen's "Milky Way," represents the peak of the marketer's '90s heyday, capturing the experience in the now-iconic Nick Drake song "Pink Moon," while's "When I Grow Up" is of the best the dot-com era had to offer creatively, ironically showing precocious young things dreaming of hanging files and wasting years in middle management. 'When I Grow Up' 'When I Grow Up'
Enjoy them, along with our commentary, as we continue to tally your votes from the gallery to determine the single Best Spot of the Last 20 Years. Use our rate-the-ad feature to describe how each spot ranks among the greatest. Reserve your "world changing" scores for the spots that truly changed your world the most, the ones that set a new standard and altered the course of ad history.
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