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Nike Air - 'Defy'
Nike Air - 'Defy'
From Pau Gausol's liftoff to a shot of a sneaker touching down, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam's "Defy" for Nike Air emphasizes what's in between the athlete and the ground. Shot by Park Pictures' Joaquin Baca-Asay over two weeks in Barcelona, the spots mesh traditional athletics with skateboarding, martial arts and parkour at 300 frames-per-second. Baca-Asay got all the shots in-camera, says Alvaro Sotomayor, creative director and 11-year W+K Amsterdam veteran. "This project was all about no trickery; just looking at what we were doing, that's why we got the most professional people we could get." The team used some of Barcelona's Olympic locations and found former Olympians to shoot at work. "What we wanted to do was study professional movement," says Sotomayor. "Most of the action was just observed...with the gravity pull, we didn't want to touch it at all, we just wanted to explore what we do. You lose your sense of what's up or what's down."
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