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#6SecFilms Competition Honorees

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Today the Tribeca Film Festival, along with sponsor AT&T, announced the winners of its #6SecFilms competition, a contest dedicated to celebrating great storytelling on Vine.

Four winners plus an audience-selected honoree rose to the top of a shortlist of 40 films. Matt Willis of Australia won in the animation competition for a stop motion piece that turned a wrap into a break dancer.

The U.S.'s Jessica Harmon took home the drama award for her concise, lurid depiction of the agony of addiction.

Albert Birney of the U.S.A. chronicled a budding writer's rise to fame after a "traumatic" event, to take the Comedy honor.

Lawrence Becker, also of the U.S., brought dramatic, winter-inspired effects to the sci-fi short "The Vortex Finds a Host."

And the U.S.'s Evan Hilton earned the #6SecFilms Audience Award for his pepper-shaker-stop-motion short "Shaking Free."

The jury included Levi's Brand President James Curleigh; comedy writer Julie Klausner; Vine video creator Jerome Jarre, who co-founded mobile marketing agency Grapestory with Vaynermedia's Gary and Al Vaynerchuk; model/documentarian/fashion diversity advocate Bethann Hardison; and Webby Awards founder/filmmaker Tiffany Shlain.

The winners showed how constraints such as a six-second time limit can unleash "stupendous creativity," Ms. Shlain said in a statement.

Tribeca Film Festival Director of Programming Genna Terranova also noted that the quality of submissions has increased since the contest was launched last year. "At last year's TFF, Vine was a brand new and many creators were just beginning to get their hands dirty," she said in the statement. "A year later, there is more mastery of the platform and the increased creativity and quality of stories is apparent."

This year saw a total of 536 entries from 24 countries, with the audience winner selected by 6,000 online voters via the Pitch'd platform.

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