ON THE WEB: The 20-minute (creative) workout

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Creativity is often likened to a muscle in one's brain that needs to be constantly exercised in order to stay in shape and progress. So it makes sense that people who fancy themselves creative follow a self-imposed creativity regimen. But unlike the physical fitness at actual gyms, exercising your creative tendencies doesn't need to involve lycra, sweating, grunting or too many mirrors. It can, certainly, but doesn't have to. The Creative Act blog was established as a way for individuals to organize and display their creative workouts for the month of February. Themes are set by each individual in the cast of international artists and the displayed works range from photography to poetry to sketches to sculpture to video. The idea is to create something everyday by dedicating about 20 minutes to a creative endeavor. Hey, that's just enough time to stop subjecting yourself to Everybody Loves Raymond re-runs.
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