ON THE WEB: Why wouldn't you want to help a gnome?

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By the off chance you were looking for something else on the mighty interweb to distract you from work we bring you Samorost, a Flash-constructed click/puzzle/adventure game created by Amanita Design in the Czech Republic. The object is to help a little gnome (clad in a white unitard, of course) save both his planet and his little dog, whom we've taken to calling Mr. Tickles Ferguson. The scenes and animation are well-crafted and beautifully quirky, drawing you further into this bizarro little world, while the challenges are difficult enough to induce fierce addiction. Samorost boasts nominations for 2007 Independent Game Festival awards for "Best Web Browser Game" and "Excellence in Visual Art." The first few levels are free to play and the rest is available to download for a price. Pass some time, flex your head and help a gnome. That's win-win-win, people.
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