ON THE WEB: Charts are the new Fun

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As a rule, charts tend to bore us to tears. Sure, if it's a pie chart, we may get distracted by the bright colors for a minute but then inevitably drop back into a boredom-induced, quasi-coma. That is, until we discovered this LeisureArts chart by the fine folks at The Diagram literary magazine/website, straight outta Grand Rapids, MI. We suppose it could be called either a chart or a map, but let's not split such hairs on a Monday. In the words of the Diagram editors, it's a documentation of "every instance of the phrase 'is the new' encountered from various sources in 2005. It is intended to map the iterations of a peculiarly common marketing and literary device." The map/chart is an array of words with arrows pointing at other words, denoting which one "is the new" other. The combos are as predictably inane as "fake" is the new "real" and the oh-so tired "pink" is the new "black" (and just about every other color). But the real fun starts with unexpected gems like "Canada" being the new "Estonia", "thug shooting" the new "lovemaking", and "cheese" the new "morphine." Curiously missing were "goiter" being the new "toothpaste" and "Bea Arthur" the new "Germany." In any case, a few minutes cruising this and you may be convinced that "iteration maps" are the new "sudoku." Or whatever.
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