ON THE WEB: Super Sunday of Spots

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Well, it's that time of year again. If we're to believe all the rumors and twisted tales, not only will a pretty significant match of American football be taking place on Sunday but domestic violence numbers will spike and it'll be one hell of a day to be a .. uh, dancer. Exotic adventures aside, there are only two things people really want to see on Superbowl Sunday – football and commercials. And since this isn't PigskinCritic.com, we'll be turning the bulk of our attention to those lil' video homages to consumerism. We're so committed to the cause that while you're chuffing chicken wings and getting a bit too drunk for a Sunday afternoon, we'll be posting each spot as it airs on our 2007 Super Bowl microsite, in case you miss it for some reason. Then on Monday, soberly see the Super Bowl spots again and read reviews by renowned creatives. Hooboy, it's going to be quite a day. Who's playing again?
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