ON THE WEB: Don't Worry, Wreck'em

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Often in this crazy, mixed-up world we get beat down by all the worries and concerns that modern life keeps shoveling up onto our shoulders. Between bills, personal lives, careers, or just what the sweet, blubbering hell are we going to eat for dinner tonight?–It all adds up. And it's those of us who'd like to beat these worries into bloody submission with the help of some blunt instrument of justice, that Northwestern Mutual presumably aims to attract with WreckYourWorries.com. The insurance company's newest web venture is an interactive site that allows the user to type in their specific worry, then choose from a quiver of weapons–golf club, hammer, earthquake, lightning and wrecking ball, respectively–to smash them into online oblivion. It's not quite the Bobby McFerrin prescription, but hey, whatever works.
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