Y&R/Chicago Reveals Poetry of NASCAR

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Who knew a brand campaign for NASCAR could be so beautiful? Apparently the creatives at Y&R/Chicago did when they tapped Gorgeous Enterprises' Peter Thwaites to direct the new "Driver's Mind" campaign for the auto racing association. In three new spots that feel like outtakes from Darren Aronofsky's Pi, we go where you'd expect, inside a driver's mind, as fumes rise from the track and cars careen by. Each spot is paired with a muffled monologue, delivered through the headset drivers use to communicate with their crews. "Six days a week I am 200 pounds of flesh and blood," runs the copy in one. "But today, I am 3400 pounds of sheet metal and rubber and steel. Today I am not just driving the 12 car. I am the 12 car," Additional credits to Anonymous Content, which reps Gorgeous in the U.S., ECD Mark Figliulo, art director Jon Wyville and copywriter Dave Loew.
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