Apple Reasserts Its Identity with 'Designed in California' Film

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It's been a while since we've seen this side of Apple -- bold, brash, and unafraid. But at yesterday's WWDC, when the company introduced a suite of new products, it also reasserted its brand values with this design-minded and quintessentially Apple film that played at the end of the event.

"Intention," by TBWA/Media Arts Lab and animated out of Buck, is a sophisticated, but pointed jab at the company's competitors, who are too busy "building everything" to ever really perfect one thing. A collection of dots and dashes make that point succintly, while poetic copy ("we start to confuse convenience with joy, abundance with choice") accompanies lilting piano music.

Accompanying this film is a TV spot, "Our Signature," a more traditional, but still lovely commercial [below.] Directed by Derek Cianfrance ("Blue Valentine") of, it showcases the various uses of Apple products, focusing on the way they make people film and the impact they have, while keeping the various iPads, iPhones and Macbooks in the periphery, firmly positioning Apple as a conduit to a better life instead of a company that expects your life to revolve around it.

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