Is Apple's Latest iPhone 5 Ad a Subtle Dig at Samsung?

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TBWA/Media Arts Lab and Apple have launched a set of four new commercials that show off the iPhone 5.

Each cheekily voiced spot focuses on one specific aspect of the phone, from its redesigned earbuds, panoramic camera and thinness, to why its screen size is absolutely perfect -- not too big or too small.

The last one might be a not-so-subtle dig at Samsung, who has been talking about its phone's massive screen for a while now, as it shows that when it comes to intelligent design, big isn't necessarily always better. We'd feel sorry for Samsung, but they probably had it coming, since the brand has been airing its "The Next Big Thing is Already Here" commercial, featuring Apple fans standing in line for the new phone.

While historically Apple hasn't shied away from digging at its competitors -- most notably in the award-winning Mac vs. PC campaign -- this latest ad seems a new turn for its product demo commercials, which typically have let the devices speak for themselves. Could Apple be acknowledging that there's a new big threat in town?

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