The Auckland SPCA and MINI Teach Dogs How to Drive

Campaign out of DraftFCB gives you one more reason to adopt these pooches

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Here's a really, really good reason to adopt a dog from the SPCA: It can drive. The Auckland arm of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals teamed up with DraftFCB and MINI Cooper to teach dogs how to operate a car, in the hopes that it will draw attention to the talented and uber-adorable pooches that are up for adoption at the agency.

The car company built a special vehicle that the dogs could actually drive, and trained Porter, Ginny and Monty, among others to become the world's first driving dogs.

It's a smart way to get some attention towards a worthy cause, satiating the interwebz' never-ending thirst for amazing animal videos while actually doing some good.

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