Avoid Bad Decisions and Charlie Sheen, Says New DirecTV Spot

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With two commercials starring Charlie Sheen debuting in two days, looks like marketers are cashing in on the actor's bad-boy reputation and messy, drug-addled past.

For DirecTV, Grey New York continues the "what if" scenario theme from previous commercials, examining all the bad things that could happen if you don't give up cable. This time, not being able to record your shows will result in some bad decision-making that may lead you to re-enact scenes from "Platoon," in which Sheen starred.

The ad makes fun of Sheen, as expected, suggesting that bad decisions and the actor pretty much go hand-in-hand.

Similarly, Fiat introduced a commercial yesterday with Sheen driving his Fiat Abarth around inside an opulent mansion as attractive women cheer him on. He then steps out -- a close shot of his ankle monitor is provided -- and says, "I love being under house arrest."

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