Ben & Jerry's Renames Flavor to Support Gay Marriage

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Ben & Jerry 's is renaming its Oh My! Apple Pie ice-cream to "Apple-y Ever After" in the U.K., in support of proposed legalization of same-sex nuptials. It has also redesigned the product's packaging with a motif of two grooms atop a wedding cake.

The move echoes its 2009 effort in the U.S., when it renamed Chubby Hubby to "Hubby Hubby" to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage in its home state of Vermont.

The U.K. government opens a consultation this week on how to implement the law giving equal marriage rights to same-sex couples. The Unilever-owned ice-cream brand, in partnership with gay-rights charity Stonewall, is encouraging consumers to use the #applyeverafter hashtag on Twitter to register their support for the legislation.

Ben & Jerry 's came under fire recently when its Harvard Square location began selling "Taste The Lin-Sanity," a limited-edition flavor containing fortune cookies, in honor of New York Knicks basketball player and Harvard alum Jeremy Lin. Critics complained about stereotypes associated with fortune cookies and Asians, and the brand changed the ingredient item to waffle cookies.

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