This Canadian Olympics Spot is the 'Gayest' Ad Ever

Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion Shows That the Games Have Always Been a Little Gay

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The Russian ban on "gay propaganda" has gotten plenty of criticism recently, ahead of the Winter Olympics, which will be held in Sochi this year. Already this week the Scottish craft beer company BrewDog introduced a beer called "Hello, My Name is Vladimir," promoted with the sardonic hashtag #NotForGays, as an attack on Russian law.

Now the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion is getting in on the act with this ad showing the Olympic sport of luge -- and how it's always been, just like the Winter Olympics themselves according to the ad, just a little bit "gay." Rethink is the agency.

In previous agency efforts against the ban, Mother London sent a set of five Russian nesting dolls painted as gay British icons -- Elton John, Stephen Fry, George Michael, Graham Norton and Tom Daly --- to the Kremlin and the Russian Embassy in London in lieu of a Christmas card this year.

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